Wargame Model Mods


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A set of 28mm wargame buildings all featuring movement, battery powered programmable wargame buildings.


Offer 1

Place your order through kickstarter using the website order pledge and get 10% off everything.

 pledge with amount your order adds up too minus 10%


Offer 2

Get one of my 4x4 ft Maze of the dead’s from a previous Kickstarter.Saving £21.

Choose any of the mazes from my website.

The Nuclear vaults is £10 more. And also select £50 worth of add-ons for free from the same shop category.



If you would like commission work doing or minor adjustments to any

of my products, send me a message on the contact me page.


My kits are made from lase cut 2mm mdf

They are precise and unique

All kits are provided with instructions