Here are a few reviews that have been put up around the internet of my products.

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Maze of the dead build / reviews by Hive Studios


40 paint pot rack review by MinipaintingN.I



Silo Bundle

Blasted power station

Hydro carbon power plant




 Intergrated building kickstarter



Hydro Carbon Power Plant, Ingot Factory and Rubbish Furnace

Spikey bits blog youtube



Troop barracks, factory and landing pad

Military Building Troop Barracks

Talk wargaming - review of barracks etc





Brains and guts - review of Varied heights pack

 blog post - review of Varied heights pack

 blog post - review of a paint rack

 blog post


great jojoman - review of Supply base

youtube video - language warning


great jojoman - review of power station

youtube video