1. Really happy with the custom paint rack I ordered. Fits perfectly into the space we have for it based on the dimensions I supplied. Would happily shop from Wargame Model Mods again!

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  2. Initially i bought 2 sets of storage drawers and paint racks. The paint racks were the only ones I could find that were suitable for Humbrol enamels. They are precisely cut, go together easily and once assembled very robust. They have transformed my working space.

    In fact I was so impressed I asked Thomas to make me some custom boxes for the storage of my model railway rolling stock. The price quoted was very reasonable and delivered within a week (which included him setting up the designs).

    All round a great find

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  3. I brought the storage draw and paint rack. I was a little doubtful that it would meet my needs. I was totally surprised how brilliant and sturdy it is.

    The units look great, assemble really nicely, I mean super perfect and are just the job for an awesome product that I have looked very hard to find and could not.

    It is something every modeller should have.

    Awesome work!

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  4. I bought some Eldar terrain. I´m absolutely happy with it. Nice to build, a lot of details. Looks great on the table. If you want Eldar terrain, buildungs: buy!!! 10 out of 10 Points here.

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  5. Best and Fast
    Best mdf i've buy in a lifespan!
    British post makes me afraid of The Italian's post service..

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  6. Requested a number of custom order Unit trays for my Warhammer Fantasy Lizardman army and have to say i am more than impressed, good and sturdy the modles fit perfectly.

    Thanks Tom, Stunning job! every chance i get im telling people about your work and will have a few more orders in the near future!

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  7. Just received two bundle of houses, top half removable, and one set of cottages and even before assembling them was amazed by the quality and overall look of the product.
    Assembly was a breeze thanks to the clear instructions provided and now my table top village really is coming to life.

    I will be buying from you in the future as your products are top quality, affordable and delivered fast.

    Many thanks.

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  8. Hi I have not ordered anything yet, but plan to very soon. (Fathers Day LOL) I saw this on ebay originally and this is by far some of the best starting terrain i have seen. I would really like to see some of this painted if you have any other customer pictures.

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  9. Just received my commercial buildings pack and I'm extremely happy! Great quality, easy assembly and they look fantastic.

    These are great scenery pieces and now I'm off to look around the site to see what to get next.

    I am going to recommend these to all my war gaming friends.

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  10. Epic Quality and style, fit with any GW items.

    highly recommend!!

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  11. Bought your commercial buildings pack and i am blown away by the quality. Service was brilliant, well packaged and arrived swiftly. Added some debris and a few bits of G.W. plastic and they fit in well on my board. I will be buying more.
    Many thanks, Jim

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    I asked Tom if he could make a workstation tailored to my needs since I’m virtually confined to my bed thanks to a spinal injury, thankfully he agreed to help me. I sent him a fantastic drawing of what I wanted; it was fantastic in my eyes. But to Tom’s it must have been a mess of scribbles. I tried to explain what I needed and why. Every so often Tom would kindly send picture so I could see the progress and if I wanted anything altered he was happy to help and has it went I only wanted one thing changing and that was a corner.
    It was clear from the detailed questions he asked at start that Tom is a highly skilled craftsman. When the pictures started coming, the quality of the workmanship was outstanding and stood out and even though it was only a prototype it could quite easy be mistaken for a finished piece of work.
    I could spend a day on Thanking you for all the individual little things you’ve done like your time, effort, dedication and commitment to the project and some folk might think I’m going overboard thanking you Tom, but to me this is a life changer for me. It means I can carry on modelling and painting them, it also means I can progress to weathering my models because everything I need will be in one place and at easy reach, so yes I am truly grateful. The quality of the workmanship and the accurateness to my original idea is fantastic and I’m more grateful for that last bit than anything else.
    I would recommend Tom and his work to any and everyone; topped off with reasonable prices I think he’s unbeatable.
    I’m now looking forward to receiving my workpaint station next week. . . . . .

    ALL THE BEST FOR THE future.


    Wakefield,West Yorkshire.

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